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Tree Pruning
Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming is a practice involving the selective removal of specific branches throughout your tree. Reasons to prune your tree include deadwood removal, shaping (by controlling or directing growth), improving or maintaining health, or reducing risk from falling branches. Tree Pruning targets the removal of diseased, damaged, dead, non-productive, structurally unsound, or otherwise unwanted tree limbs from your tree. At Paul Bunyan Tree Service, we utilize different tree pruning and tree trimming techniques such as tree thinning, and tree canopy raising.

Tree Thinning is a process that entails the cleaning of congested areas within your tree branches and tree limbs. Often, when a tree is not properly pruned over a period of time, the tree limbs become overly congested with new growth. There are multiple benefits of thinning and properly pruning your wooded plants.
To begin with, a majority of grass species cannot survive under heavily shaded areas or limited sunlight exposure. Thinning out the congestion of the tree limbs and tree branches above greatly increases the amount of sunlight allowed to pass through. Even customers that prefer a low hanging tree canopy can still achieve this look while thinning out the entire inside tree trunk structure. Not to mention, when a tree is properly thinned, background visibility is also improved. Buildings and landscapes become pleasantly noticeable when their views are not being obstructed by an overgrown, neglected tree or shrub. Raising the tree canopy is also a great combination, in addition to having a tree thinned, when bringing out its background. At Paul Bunyan Tree Service, we are experts in the field of tree trimming and tree pruning.

In order to create an impact on the beautification of your property, it is often necessary to raise the tree canopy level of your wooded area. Paul Bunyan Tree Service can assist with tree canopy raising or crown raising. One of the reasons we raise tree canopy levels is for the promotion of grass and plant growth in combination with the thinning of your trees. Much needed sunlight can be denied penetration through lower hanging tree limbs, making it hard on the plants in your yard that require a certain amount of sunlight. Having the tree limbs raised to an appropriate height also makes it convenient to work around the yard. It is also beneficial to raise tree canopies in cooperation with city code compliance. Such areas include sidewalks, curbs, right-of-ways, streets, parking lots, etc.
Furthermore, backgrounds are brought out and exposed making your home or business more attractive in the aspect of visibility.

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