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Stump Grinding
Paul Bunyan Tree Service offers tree stump grinding service in addition to tree removal service, and for old tree stumps from previous tree removal services. Tree Stump Grinding can vary in price depending on depth, surface area, and location. Some customers require the entire root ball and tree roots to be ground out for specific reasons, while most just want the tree stump low enough to cover with sod, or topsoil to let grass fill in. Generally, tree stumps are ground down to around 6-8" below ground level.

Tree Stump Grinding starts at $100 for tree stumps with a diameter of 12" or less depending on access and location, and the charge is normally $50 a foot after that. Also there are sometimes tree roots or surface roots, extending out from the stump, that should be considered when measuring the grinding area. To get a better idea we recommend measuring the total area of the tree stump (including surface roots) to be ground, and call for a quote. Also, pictures are very helpful when taken with an object placed next to the stump for scale; we have found that a shoe is the most practical. Pictures may be emailed or even texted! Call now for a tree stump removal quote. 

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