Tree Pruning​

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Tree Pruning is a practice involving the selective removal of specific branches throughout your tree. Reasons to prune your tree include dead wood removal, controlling or directing growth, improving health, and reducing the risk of falling branches. Tree Pruning targets the removal of diseased, non-productive, structurally unsound, or otherwise unwanted limbs from your tree. At Paul Bunyan Tree Service, we are diligent students of proper tree pruning techniques in accordance with I.S.A. standards.
To begin with, crown thinning and weight reduction of congested areas within your tree branches greatly reduces the risk of catastrophic failure. Often, when a tree is not properly pruned over a period of time, the tree limbs become heavy with excessive growth. Wind sail is a major fail factor for dense tree limbs. By keeping the foliage thin and evenly spread, wind flow through the tree is improved. Also, properly pruned tree branches will hold a lot less ice, snow, and rain water in the event of a storm.

In addition, various types of grass cannot survive under heavy shade or limited sunlight exposure. By thinning out the crowded tree limbs above, UV penetration is increased. Customers who prefer a low hanging tree canopy can still maintain this effect while cleaning out the crown interior.

Furthermore, when trees and shrubs are neglected, a need for corrective pruning often arises. This is when irregular growth becomes a detriment to the tree’s health, and must be corrected. For example, limbs that cross or rub against each other incur damage to vital tissues. These results become potentially fatal for all involved branches. Please visit our Media Gallery for a video demonstration of corrective pruning.

 At Paul Bunyan Tree Service, we are prepared to execute an appropriate plan for your tree pruning project. We will focus on the best interest of your trees, while providing them with proper care and maintenance for years to come.

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