Tree Cabling and Bracing

Reasons a tree may require 
cabling or bracing:

  • Splitting Trunk
  • Cracked Limb
  • Rotting Or Cavities
  • Unstable Crotches
  • Risk Management

Tree Cabling is one of the services we provide at Paul Bunyan Tree Service. The materials that we use for Tree Cabling are technologically advanced, and designed specifically for the Tree Care Industry.

Older methods of Tree Cabling include the use of classic parts such as eye bolts, jag screws, and spliced loops. These materials, when applied to the tree, seem bulky and tacky. This older practice of Tree Cabling might still be used by industry patriarchs who have not yet embraced the modern technology available to Arborists and Tree Care Technicians of today. Keep in mind that some trees may contain previously installed cable from a younger age, that may not be rated for all of the new growth and weight the tree has currently.

Here at Paul Bunyan Tree service, we use a sleeker method that doesn't distort the beauty of your tree’s trunk structure. Our cables are inserted directly through the Tree Branch and secured with a heavy duty wire stop on the back side of the branch. This method does away with all of the gaudy brackets and splices used in the older methods.

In addition, the cable that we use has a breaking tensile strength of 15,000 pounds, and is specifically designed for use in conjunction with our industry standard wire stops. Once installed, our cabling will hold up against the torments of 65 mph winds. The cable will also withstand the accumulated weight of ice or snow. In fact, we have responded to emergency storm damage calls from areas with trees we've cabled, where the cabled portions were left in tact.

To find out more about Tree Cabling and Bracing, please send us a request form. We’ll be glad to answer any questions or set you up with a free estimate.