Preventive Maintenance

One of the most common forms of destruction caused by neglected tree trimming maintenance is roof damage.
Enough said right? 
Well, unfortunately, our trees can become "highways" that provide rodents with convenient access to our homes and businesses.

Rats, squirrels, and possums are among the avid group of travelers that frequent these tree limb highways. Another pest we mustn't forget about is the infamous 'carpenter ant'.

Paul Bunyan Tree Service has assisted many customers who have been prompted by their pest control technicians to trim tree overhang away from roof areas.

Wind can also be a major factor in roof damage. Tree limbs will often hang down and drag on the roof making consistent contact. When the granules on shingles are scraped away, the tar paper and wood decking underneath are left completely vulnerable. Similar damage is evident with wood, aluminum, and even ceramic shingles over extended periods of time.

Preparing your treescape for major storms is another preventive maintenance that should not be put off. 

Power Line Clearance 

At Paul Bunyan Tree Service we only employ experienced, qualified tree climbing professionals. This is essential when dealing with dangerous obstacles and extremely hazardous situations, and especially around power lines.

Home and building owners are responsible for tree trimming around the insulated wire that runs from the power pole to the electric meter mast of the house or building. ​This type of preventive maintenance should only be performed by tree professionals. 

Additionally, there may be foliage from your tree that encroaches into the main high voltage power lines that run from pole to pole, usually along the back of the property. In this case, the power company should be notified as they are responsible for maintaining these wires. NOT the home or building owner.